Memory of old days in Oberstdorf

The Hotel Rubihaus and Ferienwohnungen was founded in 1888 as a Hotel-Pension and during that time it was the second largest hotel property in Oberstdorf.

Since that time, our house has had different owners and many stories to tell around Oberstdorf.

Numerous changes such as the park and the sale of the staff house, changed the general image of the property until the Hotel Rubihaus was bought in 1965 by the Heinle family and managed as a hotel with apartments.

Ansicht altesRubihaus

The Hotel Rubihaus owned by the Heinle family

It was bought and run in 1965 by Georg and Franziska Heinle in Oberstdorf until the hotel was taken over by Josef and Heidemarie Heinle in 1982.

In 1991, the entire house was demolished and the new hotel with apartments was built.

Sebastian Heinle, the son of the family, has also been working at Hotel Rubihaus in Oberstdorf since 2010.

Thus, our house is now in the 3rd generation in family ownership.

Postkarte antik

Postcard from past

The story of our Hotel Rubihaus in Oberstdorf is now almost 130 years old.

Since then, guests from near and far come to our house to spend the best days of the year with us in Oberstdorf.

Let yourself be inspired by the alpine charm of our house and enjoy all our advantages.

We would be pleased if we could welcome you soon as our guests in the Hotel Rubihaus and apartments.